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Oh my god

Do you mind if I get the whole cartoon tattooed across my back?? It was SOUL CHANGING!

An animation it was

You had the basis of a story happening and some nice planned out movement. I found the music to be a little out of place here; it gave me the mental picture of a bunch of college kids laying around smoking weed.

You should give voice over a try instead of using text to explain the story. Maybe do the voices for the characters instead of trying to explain their actions. Don't worry if you don't think you're a good voice actor - no one was when they first started out.

Some color in the characters and backgrounds along with some more detail would be good too.

My opinion would be to focus on making your artwork and animation more detailed/put together instead of moving on to doing more of them. Quality over quantity will always prevail. Learn the basics and build your way from there. It doesn't matter how great of a story you think you've come up with, you won't be able to get it across effectively if your animation isn't up to snuff.

Good work

I liked the music and think you did a great job creating the atmosphere for this piece. I sort of felt that everything went by a bit too quickly, and that there could've been some more story/visuals put in to lengthen things a bit.

But yeah, good job!

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Mechabloby responds:

Yeah, the story is a bit quick... it was mainly improvised as I had a stable idea for a new way to animate, but just didn't know what to animate, so I came up with the first thing I could thing of.

Still, thank you for the positive review! :)

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I think the movement of the human centipede in this game is way scarier than the movie itself.

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Frustrating and fun

Every time I lose and the CREATE YOUR WIZARD banner came up, I wanted to kick a baby.

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Missing something...

I really wanted to wrap her in bacon, and was disappointed that this wasn't an option.

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It's only a matter of time before I bang Judy Blume.

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